Why New York Needs Plum

New Yorkers know their city is a crown jewel in the world of food. The streets are lined with storefronts occupied by famous dumplings houses with soy sauce on tap, Michelin-star eateries, pasta parlors serving up red sauce staples and old-school classics.

But, the most stressful part about eating in New York is scrolling aimlessly among the daunting sea of options. One friend recommends a trendy place in the Lower East Side, another sends you astray to their pick somewhere in middle-of-no-where Hudson Yards. Half the time you wing it and end up waiting an hour at one of the city’s many fancy food courts for an underwhelming burrito. Or worse, you leave the office finally to see the light of day and return back with a soggy pre-made salad. This is a sad moment. As for the die-hard food goers on the scene who care deeply about what they gulp down during lunch, there’s often not enough time to sit behind white table cloths at that namesake restaurant every well-fed critic is singing praise about.

Plum is stepping onto the New York scene because though the city is covered with a surplus of midday craving options, eaters could use some help in narrowing the roster. Getting access to exclusive dishes you can’t even get sitting down at some featured restaurants is just an added perk. 

So, whether you want an in with which trending dish you should be eating next, or can’t stand in another line that stretches down the block, breathe because this could be your new option. Look at you relaxing— something New Yorkers don’t often get to do.

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