Souvlaki GR Lets You Feast On Greek Food On a Budget

You can find plenty of Greek food around Manhattan. But, you’re often stuck between two options: sitting before white table cloths patiently waiting to spend $70 dollar for a full fresh fish, or juggling an absurd number of napkins, while you find a park bench to  take down a greasy $2 pita—one that’ll leaves you feeling a fair share of queasiness and well, regret.

Souvlaki GR, a casual restaurant that lives on Stanton Street in the bustling Lower East Side, is the middle ground you’re probably hoping was out there. Picture good quality souvlaki on skewers, a common street food item in Greece, but these will leave you full without the stomach ache. Everyone’s always on the hunt for good quality for lunch that won’t break the piggy bank, and we think it’s a plus if said meal comes with a serious amount of homemade tzatziki sauce, too. YUM.

On our visit to taste-test, we loved the taste of their charcoal grilled skewers from chicken to pork to a vegetables like red onion, colored peppers, and zucchini. Not to mention the decor of their interiors was a major plus. Picture a blue and white color scheme that leaves you feeling you’re on vacation on a Greek island. Score. We also enjoyed their portion sizes, because sharing is literally the worst, so if anyone asks you for a bite you can give it up and not get hangry losing a piece of your Pork Kalamakia.

So, to recap, can you fill up your stomach with amazing Greek food without shelling out all the dough inside your wallet? Yes, yes you can.


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