Sons Of Thunder Is The Hawaii Escape You Need Over Lunch-Hour

In June 2018, which feels like a century ago, a new fast, and casual restaurant opened up in Murray Hill. With a menu inspired by the roots of its owners, Sons of Thunder is taking the Big Apple by storm. With rave reviews from The New York Times, Eater NY, and The Infatuation, this was another partnership Plum was excited for.

The name Sons of Thunder has biblical origins. James and John were brothers and chosen to be two of the twelve apostles. As every dynamic duo is history, John and James had a nickname, the Boanerges, which you know, really rolls of the tongue. Boanerges translates to Sons of Thunder. Coincidentally, the founders are two brothers names James and John.

James and John have roots in The Aloha State of Hawaii and the Golden State of California, which is reflected on their impressive collection of dishes. Poke, hot dogs, bowls, fries and shakes fill out their menu. Their Poke in particular was a huge get for us. It is considered “the best in New York” by The New York Times and one of the main reasons it’s featured on our menu.

Lunch is an escape, some free time that you can spend however you want. This could be with friends or just by yourself. If you pick a lunch from Sons of Thunder, you will be transported to the sunny beaches of Oahu, or the cool streets of Southern California. This means far away from the dreary and colder weather that will soon come for us in the coming months. 

From FiDI, Sons of Thunder is a 30 minute train ride or 26 minute car ride. With Plum it’s only a few minutes walk from your workplace to one of our convenient pick up spots.   

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