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Sigiri Is The East Village’s Go-To Sri Lankan Restaurant

Everything in our city has a story, how did New York get its name? How did they get the cranes down from the top of the World Trade Center after construction was completed? How did the restaurant scene here become so big? What’s the story behind the East Village’s Sigiri?

Located on Sixth Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenue, sits Sigiri, a hidden gem among the myriad of eateries that dot “Curry Row.” The brainchild of Tanya DeSilvia and Mala Rajapaske, two best friends who shared a fondness for preparing Sri Lankan cuisines. During a trip to London, while sitting in a Sri Lankan restaurant, that mutual love blossomed into an incredible idea. “We decided we have to open up a restaurant.” That was twelve years ago. Remember 2006? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were still together. Google just bought YouTube. The first signs of the impending financial crisis began to rear their heads.

Fast forward to 2018, Tanya and Mala’s idea is now in full bloom with new locations sprouting up across the Hudson and holds the esteem prestige of being the only Sri Lankan restaurant in New York. Sri Lankan cuisine is special. The food is a melody of different cultures, from Indian, Portuguese, and Dutch. Long periods of colonization have heavily influenced the ingredients and cooking techniques used to craft this exotic cuisine.

There is a whole host of food services operating in the Big Apple. What makes Plum different is we want to share the human stories and history behind each meal we feature. And if you were still wondering, New York was named after the Duke of York, the World Trade Center workers dismantled the cranes and brought them down piece by piece. Saying New York’s restaurant scene is booming is an understatement. Fueled by the immense diversity that makes our city vibrant and beautiful. The food on our curated menu is filled with the love and soul you can only find in the city that never sleeps.

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