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The Scoop On Plum’s Food-Obsessed Team

Ever wonder what its like to work at a food tech company?  First, to qualify, it basically comes in the job terms that you think about food for more hours of the day than you’d like to admit. But once on the team and with each other, it’s all you speak of. On any given moment affectionate words about lamb carpaccio, seared fish tacos, and caramelized onion burgers fill the office. There are whispers of one dish needing garlic aoli, another kewpie mayo, a third some good old pepper.

Second, you know the New York dining scene and its key players like the back of your hand and you want this town to eat as well as you. As you live and breathe in a city with a sprawling realm of all things delicious, you definitely play favorites, too. Your taste is refined, never snobby, but unless eating that bowl of pad thai is deeply memorable it makes a quick exit from the list. What is the list? The list is the place to be in our books. It’s an agenda of our taste-testing extravaganzas. Each session begins passing around forks, and from there they’re loud, boisterous, and end with a whole bunch of napkins. Next up comes the voting.  The voting calls for tip-top attention, honest opinions, and a deep concern for what the menu will be made up of. Then, for the menu, we sit together, often very full, to hit all the marks– a vegetarian option, something healthy, a trending picks, plenty of meat, seafood, and something global.

This is exactly how our Plum team operates. Now, as you see our daily-changing menus rolling out, you’ll know exactly how each dish earned its coveted place. The only thing left to do is eat.

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