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Il Corallo Trattoria’s Burrata Tastes Like Summer Forever

Labor Day is upon us. If summer has to leave, the last meals we eat before crossing into September days better be delicious. Sometimes during lunchtime, it’s hard to guarantee yourself amazing food when you have no time to wait in lines, or no patience to scroll through hundreds of options. Accessible picks are exactly what we’re after.

When we taste-tested ll Corallo Trattoria’s menu, however, our tastebuds were very content. The Soho restaurant has a large menu of red sauce classics that are any pasta lovers dream, but, there was carb-less dish that stuck out the most for us given the time of year. Their Burrata with Heirloom Tomato Caprese won our hearts because while tomatoes are still in season, we MUST all seize the moment. When New York’s chilly winter comes creeping in, at least we can think back to warmer days of eating fresh mozz, fresh basil, and those juicy red, and yellow tomatoes. And if you’ve left to jet off already for the weekend, stay tuned for a whole new slew of options next week to kick off fall with tons of flavors.

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